What our happy customer are saying

I have taken him to a couple of Ben’s baseball practices. He was great in his harness and really behaved more like a dog than a cat. He certainly attracts a lot of attention! People we don’t know come up and ask if they can take his picture. I find it a little weird, but whatever. Take care, will keep you up to date.
Angela M.
Salt Lake City
Hello Hope, how are you?? we are well and Chleo is doing very well she is very happy and she still sleeps with me lol. she is very beautiful and loving,i hope you enjoy the pictures
Atlanta, GA
We went to Majestic Maine Coon Cattery to pick up our kitten and came home with two from seperate litters. Both have wonderful temperaments! Its hard to get good pictures because they are always playing and not very still. I will try to submit some soon. Could not be happier with our dealings with them!!
I needed 100% confidence that I was getting the best of the breed, and 30 seconds after arriving at Majestic Maine Coon Cattery, I was sold. It is an immaculately clean, state-of-the-art facility with unparalleled passion and knowledge from the owner. I came away with a handsome new family member that is everything I was told they would be and more.
New Berlin, WI
Hi, Jasper is doing great and is already learning tricks and fetching. Here is a pic of Jasper, the big boy is so cute and we love him sooooo much. Hope you like the pic. His spots are all showing thru. I think he looks beautiful.
Syracuse, NY
Great customer service and kept us updated throughout the whole process. The kittens showed up a few hours ago and are doing great! We recommend Majestic Maine Coon Cattery to anyone who is interested in Cats.
Chicago, IL